The Milk Dilemma

After an extensive amount of research, and much frustration I have come to the conclusion that I (personally) have very little choice but to continue to buy the 4 pints / 2.272 litre plastic bottles of milk from the supermarket.

Glass bottles are ruled out

Firstly, I suffer from blackouts without warning. These occur 2.3 times a week on average, and often leave me with injuries. In the past I have had 38 stitches in my leg after blacking out with a cup of coffee (hence using KeepCups around my home). If I purchased glass bottles of milk, I would be putting my personal safety at risk.

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Shopping Plastic Free

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this piece – if you are reading this to start with you are already looking at ways to reduce your (plastic) waste, so here are some of the things which I am committed to doing:

Buy NO food in Plastic Packaging

Ok, this was a hard one, and on the 1st of October 2018 I bit the bullet and pledged to do this…. it is damned hard, to be honest! Things like bread, I don’t buy anyway, as I prefer to bake my own, but for fresh fruit and vegetables it is especially hard! So, I am trying to buy fruit and vegetables from the local grocers as much as possible. I have never been one for ready meals, and am trying to make my own pizzas (pretty much the only “ready meal” I ever purchase!).

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Buy Local

The Ethical Choice

When you buy out-of-season produce, e.g. raspberries or strawberries in December, your eco-credentials become lower. The same applies to purchasing any food product that has been flown from outside your country or is wrapped in layers of (unnecessary) plastic. By shopping locally (bakers, farm shops, green grocers…) it is less likely that the produce has travelled an unthinkable distance in order to get onto your plate. Not only does this support local farmers, but the produce will be wrapped in less (or even no) packaging and is fresher.

The same applies to non-food goods and services.

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Brand Review: Ecover

I have been using the ecover range of cleaning products for over a decade now – it never really replaced my powder laundry detergent completely (as I sometimes felt that clothes were not as clean as desired afterwards) but it did replace my fabric conditioner and some of the household cleaning products which I used.

“Ecover uses a holistic approach to ensuring that they make their products with people and the planet in mind. Ecover have strict standards for our ingredient selection and measure more than a dozen attributes of each ingredient including biodegradability, skin irritation, eye irritation and aquatic toxicity”.

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Brand Review: Method Cleaning Products

I have been using the method (part of ecover) range of cleaning products for some time now – actually inspired by my lovely cleaning lady, Karen! These are a great range of products, which do what they say on the tin.

These are a “starting point” for me – although there are many positive attributes to these products (see below), there is much room for improvement.there are numerous things which bother me, including the presence of Palm Oil in their products (despite reassurance that this is from sustainable sources). The number of bottles I have for various cleaning tasks, not only fills up my cupboards, but also creates a lot of plastic waste (although refill bottles can be purchased for some products).

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